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WRPH has since 1986 been the principal Reclamation and Tailings-Dam contractor for AngloGold in the East Rand . Most of the major Construction and Mining Companies have had work completed by our Group, some of these Companies are:

  • Anglo Gold
  • R.U.C. Mining
  • Harmony Gold
  • Group 5
  • L.T.A.
  • Basil Read
  • East Rand Gold & Uranium (ERGO)
  • S.A. Transport Services

The founders of the Group, Mr. G.N.C. du Randt and his wife Mrs. M.J. du Randt started as a Transport Company in 1960.

West Rand Plant Hire was established in 1971 and later joined by their three sons, W.A.C. du Randt, G.N.C. du Randt (Jnr) and B.J. du Randt. The Company is still Family owned and the Directors who are also Shareholders in the Company do the day-to-day operations and decisions.

The Group currently operates from three Branches namely: East Rand, West Rand and North-West but service the industry from the North Western Province to Gauteng and Mpumalanga to Kwazulu Natal.

Scope of Activities

Whilst the initial foray focused entirely on general construction, there is today a great diversity of work, which is undertaken by the West Rand Plant Hire group.

This activity includes the Rehabilitation and Building of Tailings Dam-Walls , General Plant Hire, Transport, Materials Handling, Mechanical Hydraulic Mining as well as the building and construction of Paddocks to comply with all environmental requirements. From time to time, specialist projects such as the Construction of Railway Lines and Open Pit Mining have also been undertaken. Whilst the Group has been involved in the Construction Sector, by far the greatest percentage of work has been undertaken in the Mining Environment. The Group's scope of work has orientated mostly to Gold Mining; however, substantial involvement has been undertaken in Coal and Diamond Mining.

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